Website Re-Creation


Hello, As you all know, Uncut Gaming is disbanded, however friendships simply do not get disbanded that simple. Many of you have found friends in Uncut Gaming, and perhaps have lost contact with these friends. That’s a shame and we should do something about it!

As leader of Uncut Gaming, I always felt a little obliged to make sure the members were all happy, even though it wasn’t always the case. We had our up’s and down’s, our parties and our dramas, but all in all I believe Uncut Gaming was something special for each and every one that was a member at one point in time.

With this new/old/revived website, I’d love to re-unite Uncut Gaming, however things will go a bit different this time. There will be no leader, no rules, no drama. Just friends playing/hanging out together on a teamspeak server, with a forum (for those times you simply can not talk).

I hope that people are still interested in this, and I hope to hear many old voices from the past, on teamspeak. See you there!

Yours Truly,

UG Hiddenseek

PS. The teamspeak server never closed, it has been up for almost 4 years now! That’s quite the achievement….