PvPvE - 2x XP - 2x Gather - 5x Tame - Community Server

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PvPvE - 2x XP - 2x Gather - 5x Tame - Community Server

Postby nDarkwind » Thu May 26, 2016 3:06 pm

[PvPvE]Uncut Gaming[XPx2][Gx2][Tx5]
Server LIVE since: 14th November 2015
Last Wipe: 10th June 2016
  • Tribute Downloads: Off
  • Player Location: Off
  • Crosshair: Off
  • Third Person: Off
  • PvP Gamma: Off
  • Admin Logging: On
  • Difficulty Offset: 1 (Official Max)
  • Player Level: Official
  • Dino Level: Official
  • Experience: 2
  • Gathering: 2
  • Taming: 5
  • Day Cycle: 0.5
  • Day Speed: 0.5
  • Night Speed: 1.5
  • Structure Damage: 1.5
  • Structure Resistance: 0.5
Other Notable Tweaks
  • Player Food Drain: 0.75
  • Player Water Drain: 0.75
  • Player Resistance: 2
  • Wild Dino Damage: 1.6
  • Tamed Dino Damage: 1.3
  • Resource Replenish Radius: x0.35
  • Item Decomposition: x2
  • Corpse Decomposition: x2
  • PvP Structure Damage: x3
  • Egg Hatch Speed: 5
  • Baby Mature Speed: 5
Connecting to Server: Steam Client > View > Servers > Favorites > Add Server by IP > ark.uncutgaming.com

Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/UncutGamingARK

Teamspeak Available, Tribe channels upon request

Website: http://www.uncutgaming.com/

We operate a second server on TheCenter map: http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/di ... 800667324/

Welcome to Uncut Gaming ARK Server. The approach of the server is to provide a challenging and fun environment at all times. We hope to build a strong community of friendly, dangerous and fair players.

While we don't want much rules, going ahead without any would just cause chaos
  • No Hacking, Cheating or Glitching - Insta ban.
  • No Artifact Cave blocking - Artifacts must be obtainable from every entrance so don't block any off. If you build near an entrance base defenses must allow access from natural walk ways and air.
  • No Griefing - Don't kill lower levels (sub 35) without due cause. Don't kill Passive Dinos in an Offline Raid (they are of no threat). If you are online learn to protect yourselves. Don't use wild Dinos to cause uncontrolled destruction.
  • No Obelisk blocking - We encourage tribes to tackle Spawning Bosses.
  • No Excess Raid Destruction - Destroy whats needed to enter, don't level a base or break more walls than necessary . Don't destroy open storage but feel free to destroy Smithy/Fabricator/Generators and Beds if you wish.
  • No Resource Node Blocking - Don't build on top of or stop the respawn of valuable resources. If you build near valuable resources make sure base defenses don't stop others harvesting them. Beaver locations must be left open for continual spawn and free harvesting.
  • Other Caves are Open - Just remember you will take 3times the damage if you do so choose to build.
We operate on a 3 strike ruling:
  1. Break the rules and Lose your tames. (this includes Rafts for some reason)
  2. Break them a second time and Lose your tames and structures.
  3. If you attempt the Hat-Trick of rule breaks you will be banned
Mistakes can happen and be forgiven but Direct disregard for rules will result in these actions.


Why Experience x2?
We wanted to keep it low enough that you feel progress but at the same time we don't want to drag the early/mid levels out. Gaining access to late game items doesn't seem rewarding as soon as you step on the beach and don't even have a thatch hut.

Do you gain access to all Engrams?
No you don't. We want you making choices in everything you do. BUT you do gain access to more Engram points than Official servers do. Every Increment of 5 levels you achieve you receive the official amount plus that level number in Bonus.

Why Gathering x2?
After a lot of time and testing we feel this is nice. At the start Official was just too painful so we wanted higher so it wasn't a total chore. Now having had time with higher rates and all the tames to help gather, we feel this be best for the server to last longer.

Why Taming x5
After factoring in all aspects of taming a multiplier of 5 seems to work best. We don't want you sitting waiting hours to get your dinos but at the same time we want Kibble to have it's purpose.
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Re: PvPvE - 2x XP - 2x Gather - 5x Tame - Community Server

Postby nDarkwind » Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:26 pm

We have opted to go a bit more official and lower some of the rates. We felt experience x2, gather x5 and tame x10 was just making the server burnout too fast. 8-15 Behemoth gate perimeter in 2-3 days just isn't enjoyable after 2-3weeks when you have nothing really to work on. I guess you could go work on those monster tames, shame you already have 2 or 3 Gigas as you managed to get 4 or 5 Quetz for the kibble.

We have left the more challenging PvE side to how Uncut like things, but tweaked it slightly so it's not like fighting brick walls. Players remain with 1x damage/x2 resistance, Tames are now 1.3x damage/1 resistance from 1.5x damage/0.5x resistance and Wild are now 1.5x damage/1resistance from 2x damage/0.5 resistance.

We have also reworded some of the rules, hopefully making them clearer.

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