Grand return & opening !

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Grand return & opening !

Postby Trident40 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:29 am

Uncut Gaming Revamp Uncut Gaming has been disbanded for some time now, However as hiddenseek stated in the past a community can be disbanded over night, However friendships cannot !.
Within saying that i myself was apart of the original uncut gaming, But i had disappeared due to personal reasons & family problems!.

But im back as you can see and i want to get this in the back side and want to make UNCUT GAMING great again !.
What can you do ??? Forums - Keep coming back here and checking the forums out & get your mates on as well. Recruit - Recruit your friends, foes & team mates, If you enjoyed playing with someone get them on our TS or website TeamSpeak - Jump on teamspeak as much as possible and get your mates on and interact with the community What will Uncut staff do ??? We here at Uncut Gaming have a dedicated team that will be constantly updating the website, Team Speak Server & Game Servers giving each and every member the most enjoyable & stable experience we can offer WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR !!! UNCUT GAMING IS BACK !!!!

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