Uncut Gaming Newsletter #1

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Uncut Gaming Newsletter #1

Postby Trident40 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:49 am

Uncut Gaming Newsletter
Thanks for opening & reading Uncut Gaming's very first news letter !.
Development + New additions
The website you currently see is subject to change & we are working on improving it + the features we have to offer on here for our members.

Game Servers - Minecraft Servers are coming soon for the EU Region But is not limited to just EU players, If you would like to leave a suggestion on what type of minecraft server we should run drop a suggestion in the suggestion section of the forums.

Game Recruitment - I urge all admins + Division leaders to begin recruiting again in your respective game/region, For uncut to become great again we need dedicated recruiters, So please jump on the forums for your respective game & make a recruiting post to gain the attention of the players within those communities.

TS3 - We offer TS3 as a free and premium service for all players with and without membership, Violation & misconduct won't be tolerated by members and/or members friends, Please make sure everyone within your channel or gaming circle are aware of our rules upon joining TS3.

We are looking for the following

Video Production - Capturing Vidoes/gameplay, Editing video + Commentary
Division leaders/Game leaders - Looking for Div/game Leaders for our most played games to recruit & maintain order & take on some responsibility.
Greeting team - a dedicated team that greet new players both on TS3 + the forums.

If you can think of anything else that should have been here please drop a message in the respected area.

This is only the first newsletter, As we grow so will the newsletter. It will include new tech, videos, reviews & much more interesting information thought out Uncut Gaming.
Thank you Uncut Gaming

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