Clan Rules

By joining the Uncut Gaming community, you agree to these following rules:

As a member of the Uncut Gaming online community, you are expected to follow the rules of the community to help us keep the content friendly and relevant. These rules are intended to reduce the number of pointless, irrelevant threads that tend to clutter up message forums. This clears the way for easier and faster navigation of the remaining interesting and useful content. We have identified some behaviors that are detrimental to the community goals and do not benefit other forum members. While it is important to read all of the community rules, here is a brief overview of unacceptable behavior that the Uncut Gaming staff will be watching for. Some of these rules are subject to warning penalties from the Uncut Gaming staff.

1. Keep the language within limits. No personal attacks will be tolerated. Warnings and bans will be distributed if necessary.

2. No racial, sexist or ethnic comments will be tolerated.

3. You are part of Uncut Gaming, you represent us online. Please act responsibly and promote us positively on streams and forums etc.

4. No advertising or spamming.

5. Respect the authority of the community, the Uncut Gaming staff have the final say on any decisions made and will act as they see fit.

6. No Clan Uncut Gaming Bashing. This is the Clan Uncut Gaming online community for Clan Uncut Gaming enthusiasts. It will naturally have a pro- Clan Uncut Gaming bias. It’s simple. If you don’t like Clan Uncut Gaming and wish to discredit us with your misinformed rants and opinions, then don’t be a member of our community. Your posts will not be tolerated. You will not be allowed to wage your personal crusade against Clan Uncut Gaming in our online community. Go someplace else.

7. Uncut Gaming is not responsible for loss of accounts/money from trading/selling between members.

These rules are subject to change at any time.